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i do not understand XD

terrible game but i rmemeber plaiying it as a kid lol

nice and nostalgic

this reminds me of atari 2600 and those early text-driven PC games. i like the story , despite most people's fear of darkness, it would be equally frightening if daytime stayed forever (which, IIRC is actually going to happen when the sun reaches its peak energy point , growing and consuming a couple planets including the Earth. your game has a touch of reality after all :)

i think, however, that exploration is the focal point of your game style. in the same way as "it came from outside" , there are only a few elements, so the player can fill the blanks with their own interpretations. in future games, you could exploit this cryptic nature even further for tension. Yume nikki immediately comes to mind. it'd be killer to play something like that with your "Blitsy" minimalist style, with bigger places and perhaps different types of interactions to make it work.

in all , keep the good job guys !! i hope you work more with this style and explore it as much as you can , you'll probably perfect it with time :)

Platonov responds:

Thank you very much! We'll gladly take your advice!

3 stars only because I'm afraid my brain will explode from this supreme form of expression, craft, dedication and expertise. Truly the epitome of mankind's ingenuity. Thank you sir for this experience, but don't forget to go back to Olympus, your seat is getting cold.

Weird game

Excellent game quality. But music does not work in any of your games for me.

Gypopothomas responds:

Hmm... what browser are you using?

hey dude, i like this a lot! i read that you worked under many limitations, so this minimalist approach on a horror tale is very good. i was thinking if you are going to make a longer game with this style in the future (doesn't need to be with the same engine, but you remain minimalist nonetheless). overall nice job, take my follow.

Nirag responds:

Thank you very much!
Yeah, probably I'll do a longer game in the future... for the moment, I'm still using Bitsy (I don't have time to learn about other tools at the moment), and probably I'll use it for my next game, too, so it will have similar style.
Thanks again, I hope I won't disappoint you!

This is a genuinely interesting game that I repeatedly keep coming back to experience. I'm not a particularly depressive person myself, but it certainly fuels a somber part of my subconscious that I really cannot explain. Personally, it's not game as much as it's an experience.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I'm not a particularly depressed person either, but I wanted certainly to create an experience. As for the game mechanic, it's something I thought of way back when I was a kid. Thanks for coming back to the game, and for leaving a review!

Interesting concept, I like it :)

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